Adisher is considered one of the leading manufacturers of leather bag products in Indonesia. Established in 2012, Adisher mainly focuses on designing the high quality of handmade leather products.

We provide minimalist yet high-quality leather products for men and women as their everyday companions. Our best-selling products include office bags, casual bags, everyday bags and other must-have bags for different occasions. We designed our line of products from the high quality of genuine cow leather processed at the best local tannery in Indonesia. Another important material which has become the hallmark of Adisher products is the use of batik lining. Batik is known as a beautiful tissue considered to be the fabric of society. We fell deeply in love with batik since it is a beautiful traditional fabric originally made in Indonesia.

The uniqueness of our products lies on the bag’s interior, which is adorned with kawung batik lining. Kawung is one of the oldest batik motifs consisting of a four-lobed stylised flower, based on the Areca Palm blossom. The cross-section of the palm fruits and their seeds are also said to inspire the design.

Along with the ever-expanding market and the rapid growth of the leather bag industry, Adisher comes forward to promote the handmade genuine cow leather products globally, as well as preserving batik as one of the most valuable assets from Indonesian cultural heritage. In spite of the tough competition in the leather industry, the product quality and customer satisfaction will always be our utmost priority.

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