History and The meaning of Kawung Batik as the Oldest Batik Motif in Indonesia

Kawung is one of the oldest batik motifs consisting of a four-lobed stylised flower, based on the Areca Palm blossom. The cross-section of the palm fruits and their seeds are also said to inspire the design.

Kawung batik is known in Java since the 13th century and has a long history. The design has appeared carved into the walls of Prambanan temple. This motif comes from the land of Java, in the cities of Surakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This batik is the King of Yogyakarta’s favorite motif and from the beginning of its use, was only allowed among the royal family, but over time, this motif later became widely used by a various circle.

Kawung batik motif has a deep story and contains an element of Javanese wisdom.

These are the meanings of Kawung batik :

  • Prestigious symbol of the just and wise
  • Fertility and hope
  • A pure heart
  • Look from the four perspectives of the wind to get light wisdom.

Philosophical value of Kawung motif in Adisher’s batik lining

Adisher fell deeply in love with batik since it is a beautiful traditional fabric originally made in Indonesia. We chose Kawung batik as our products’ ornament due to its simplicity and uniqueness. Despite being one of the oldest batik motifs in Indonesia, Kawung motif shares a rich symbolic meaning. Nevertheless, a rapid growth of modern culture in the globalization era might be a threat to batik’s existence. Thus, it is our duty to preserve batik as the Indonesian Archipelago’s traditional cultural heritage.

The uniqueness of our products lies on the bag’s interior, which is adorned with Kawung batik lining. Surely, it is the trademark of Adisher products. Batik is usually only used as an exterior ornament of the leather products made by other manufacturers, but  Adisher chose not to stick with the conventional pattern.

Our style is different and we are proud of it.

The profound philosophical value in our products goes beyond the outer appearance. When you carry our products which are wholeheartedly made from the best genuine cow leather produced in selected local tannery, you can find that Kawung batik’s existence will always be preserved .

Why do we interpret it that way? Since Kawung batik lining is put in the interior part of the product, the exterior part made from solid genuine cow leather will always protect the batik lining as well as all of your essentials from the outside elements. Moreover, everytime you open your precious Adisher products, the Kawung batik ornament will simply take your breath away and directly remind you of the richness of Indonesian heritage which shares profound symbolical meaning in it.

Furthermore, our sincere thought of Kawung batik’s philosophical value is intended to inspire people to maintain the existence of the almost forgotten batik, especially the oldest Kawung motif.  Kawung originates from the land of Java.  Back then, the privilege of wearing Kawung batik was only given to the Kings and their families. We could say that due to its exclusivity, not many people were allowed to wear Kawung batik. It is an honour for us to reintroduce the noble Kawung batik as our product’s ornament. In that, we hope that batik can be popularly worn by more people. For our customers, wearing Adisher products might give the feeling of nobility since it shares the spirit of a royal Javanese kingdom.

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